Research Concerning Negroes Being The Hebrew Israelites

AdminTHE BIBLE IS A HISTORY BOOK BASED ON SCRIPTURES BY THE WHITE RACE, ALBEIT IT HAS BEEN FRAUDULENTLY CHANGED BY THE JEWS. In summary, we shall continue looking at other tribes within the region of Africa, since we have established that Hebrews and Egyptians people of the Bible were black and not White. Most of the Negroes in the Western Hemisphere are only familiar with the West and the Trans-Atlantic Slave Trade but not many people are familiar with the East African Slave trade.

However, since both Sham and Ham have shared this common Africa land mass since the flood, and since Noah, Enock, and fathering partriarchs have walked and lived on Africa before the flood, before there was an African Ham and Shem, then it is correct to call them Africans in the sense of land mass and not race.

Editor's Note: Israelites, like Egyptians, were Black. Around the country, thousands of men and women have joined black supremacist groups on the extremist fringe of the Hebrew Israelite movement, a black nationalist theology that dates back to the 19th century.

Israel, in the scriptures, is a distinct nation, and a distinct group of people. Black Hebrew Israelites new in Winnipeg but old phenomenon in U.S. If you reject your Birth-Right as Israelites, you are insulting God Who gave your Birthright to you, along with The Covenant.

They were not true Israelites. Before we can trace the people of Israel from the land of their captivity to their present-day homelands, we need to answer this question - "Just what were the ancient Palestinian Israelites like?" Were they Nordics? Whether it is because of IUIC YouTube clips or prominent rappers' public embrace it seems that Hebrew Israelite beliefs are experiencing a renaissance within a cross section of African Americans.

However, just as the early church birthed theologians and apologists to respond to these new challenges, African Americans have come to a point in their history where there is a need for a response to teachings that have capitalized on their vulnerability.

God has a special covenant with those who are true, spiritual Israelites. Hebrew Israelites believe the time of the Gentiles” means the time of the white Europeans”, whom they refer to as Edomites or Esau. Deuteronomy 28:15-68 is a prophecy of the captivity of God's people, but it does not mention Africa and we know from history how this prophecy was fulfilled.

Not all African jews were born that way although I do believe the Ashanti are authentic. Starting End of days in 1619, he explains, Africans began selling their immigrant population, the Hebrew Israelites, into slavery. ” arguing on wax Afrocentric ideas about the fundamental connections among the Bible, the African continent, and its people.

Even during the life of Yahshua the Messiah, Israelite Yah-wism of that time had became a corrupted ‘ritualistic' system of animal sacrificial worship. The Bible has prophesied long ago of the historical enslavement of the Negroes, Latinos and Native American Indians who are the Israelites spoken of in the Bible.

Gentiles who converted to the Hebrew religion in this way and sojourned among the tribes of Israel were grafted into the people of God and given full status as true Israelites. After spending a two-and-one-half year period in Liberia, The African Hebrew Israelites were prepared to make the last portion of their journey home, returning to Israel in 1969.

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